Hip-hop dancers inspired 
by martial arts and manga

The Five and the Prophecy of Prana
The Five and the Prophecy of Prana

Award-winning hip-hop dance company Boy Blue Entertainment bring their explosive tribute to manga to Brighton Dome Concert Hall on Tuesday, October 7, and Wednesday, October 8, at 7.30pm with The Five and the Prophecy of Prana, a fusion of visuals, hip-hop and martial arts.

In ancient times, an evil emperor used sorcery to harness the five elements – wood, fire, earth, metal and water – to rule with an iron fist for decades. A group of warriors known as the Guardians of Prana devised a way to defeat the Emperor and split his soul into five parts… but when one Guardian becomes greedy for power, world peace itself became threatened.

Now, in modern day Tokyo, five young troublemakers are drawn into this power struggle that has divided the secret group of warriors for years. Given a chance to redeem themselves in the ensuing battle to restore peace, their action-packed adventure becomes a celebration of camaraderie and the triumph of the human spirit.

Boy Blue Entertainment is famous for creating hip-hop theatre shows where music and dance fuse to play an equally important role, feeding off one another to create something greater than the two separate parts.

The history of the production lies in the influence of Kung Fu films, Japanese manga and martial arts inspired comics. Key players Kenrick and Mikey grew up interested in Hong Kong Kung Fu films and Japanese manga, particularly comics dealing with martial arts.

Tickets on 01273 709709 or brightondome.org.