Historian seeks WW1 photo

A local historian is looking for a photograph of a First World War soldier who may have family in Hastings.

Bernard Baverstock, a local historian from Beckley, is hoping to obtain a photo of Edward Playford who died of his wounds on September 5, 1914.

Edward was the second son of Thomas and Amelia Playford who lived at Oakhill Cottages Beckley.

His brother Frederick Playford died in Hastings in 1962 aged 80. Bernard is hoping that there are remaining family members in the Hastings area who may have a photograph of Edward.

The historian is giving an illustrated talk, The Beckley Boys World War 1, on September 5 in Beckley and is urging anyone who might have information to contact him as soon as possible.

If you are related to Edward or Frederick Playford or you have any information, please contact Bernard on 01797 260416 or email bernardbav@hotmail.co.uk.