Historical photo exhibition opens in Seaford

IMPORTANT historical photographs which illustrate how Seaford has changed over 150 years will go on display in an intriguing exhibition.

The show opens to the public in Seaford Museum from April 2 and will run until spring 2012.

Of particular interest is that all of the photos displayed in the exhibition Seaford Rediscovered will include a building or view that still exists in 2011.

However many others, some fine some ordinary, will have disappeared or been altered to such an extent that they are no longer clearly visible.

Public liaison officer Mick Barrett said: “The challenge to visitors to the museum will be to spot that of the past which remains today.

“Visitors will also be encouraged to share with the museum their memories of the town and any information they have about the images on show, and others not on view.”

There will also be the opportunity for visitors to nominate buildings which they think have a special place in defining the character of Seaford.

These need not be limited to the well known officially listed buildings and monuments, but could include others which help shape the way the town looks and feels.

The exhibition will be formally opened at 2pm by the Mayor of Seaford cllr Bob Allen, who is a long standing Museum Member, on Saturday April 2, which is also the start of the museum summer season opening times.