Ho Chi Minh statue to be given to Newhaven by Vietnamese Embassy

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The Vietnamese Ambassador is due to present Newhaven with a statue to recognise the town’s links with Ho Chi Minh, who worked on the Newhaven to Dieppe Ferry.

A reception will be held for the Ambassador and Vietnamese Embassy staff on May 19 at Meeching Hall where the town council will be given a statue of former Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh.

Details of how big the statue will be are not yet known, but a possible location for it could be on the West Quay.

According to the town council, the Vietnamese Embassy got in touch after a story about Ho Chi Minh’s links with Newhaven first appeared in the Sussex Express, then in other newspapers and on television.

The council is putting various little known historical facts about Newhaven on to banners which will be put up on lampposts in the week beginning May 14.

Embassy staff visited the town council on Thursday April 25 to discuss their plans.

At this stage the Vietnamese Embassy is proposing to bring along Vietnamese food and put on singing from Vietnamese students at the event.

A town council spokesperson said: “They are talking about presenting us with a statue. We are looking at putting it on West Quay.

“It was first discussed on Thursday last week. We went down and looked at the promontory.

“They wanted to present the town with something because of its links with their president they hold in great esteem.

“We are very pleased of course and thrilled to bits with the whole thing, but it was a bit of a surprise.”