Holiday park hit by thieves

12/2/15- Beauport Park Caravan Park, The Ridge, Hastings. SUS-151202-114913001
12/2/15- Beauport Park Caravan Park, The Ridge, Hastings. SUS-151202-114913001

A number of families have been left devastated after items of huge sentimental value were stolen during a break-in at Beauport Holiday Park.

A total of 19 static homes were forcefully entered overnight on Thursday, February 5, while the park was closed for annual maintenance work.

The burglaries were discovered by a staff member on Friday morning (February 6) as they walked around the site to do a daily check.

One of the caravans that had been broken into belonged to Karen Curtis, who was staying in Portsmouth for two weeks while the park was closed. Her daughter, Sian Curtis, got a call to say there had been a break-in.

She said, “I was told about the break-ins the day after it happened - I was told I had to wait for the police to gather evidence before I could visit.

“I went down there a couple of days later. The place had been trashed. Whoever had been in there had obviously been looking for something because all the cupboards were open and everything was overturned. There was muddy footprints on the floor and just mess everywhere.

“I wanted to tidy the place up before my mum came back from Portsmouth because I didn’t want her to see it like it was. So far, we know that a jewellery box containing all of mum’s jewellery has been stolen. Her dad died when she was young and she had lots of momentos of him in there, as well as of her children.

“She’s so upset. While the only physical damage is to the caravan door, they have stolen things that are irreplaceable. It looks like some paperwork, perhaps containing bank details and things like that, has also been taken. My mum’s neighbour has also had a lot of jewellery and personal valuables taken from her caravan.

“I don’t know what mum’s going to do now. We’re trying to get together some little pieces of jewellery for her because she has nothing left, but she’s so scared about going back to the park. We don’t know what’s being done, if anything, to stop it happening again.”

A spokesperson for Sussex Police said, “Police are investigating after 19 static caravans at the Beauport Holiday Park were broken into.

“The caravans had been forced open and untidy searches made of them. It is unclear at this stage what has been stolen as the caravans were unoccupied.

“Anyone with any information or who saw anything suspicious should contact police on 101 or email quoting serial 0144 of 06/02.”