Homeless church hoping to buy warehouse

Youth at Christ Church Hailsham
Youth at Christ Church Hailsham

IT has become a common trend for national media reports to say that church numbers are declining.

But what does a Christian community do when it grows so much that it becomes homeless because numbers are too large for Sunday meetings?

That is the interesting dilemma facing Christ Church Hailsham (CCH), hoping for planning consent to buy a warehouse within a new development in the town.

A spokesman for CCH said: “Currently we meet on Sunday mornings at Hailsham Community College, Battle Road which has served us well.

“But, as the church has grown we are at capacity and need our own facilities to better serve the community, particularly during the week.

“One of the drawbacks of not having our building is that we cannot meet at the college during the summer holidays.

“We are meeting throughout August at 3pm Sunday afternoons at Hailsham Parish Church (formerly known as St Mary’s parish church).”