Homeless dogs treated like vermin in Bulgarian towns

The villages, towns and cities of Bulgaria are overwhelmed with homeless dogs. The Kit Wilson Trust for Animal Welfare at Hadlow Down outlines some of these tragic cases in its 2013 newsletter.

Some of the dogs have been cared for by the Trust, with many being successfuly re-homed. There are others still looking for a home – details can be found on the Trust’s website www.kitwilsontrust.org.uk

The article describes how many of these dogs are trying to fend for themselves but are mostly left starving, injured and at high risk of freezing to death during the bitter winter months.

They are subjected to terrible cruelty and are regarded by many as vermin. They get kicked, beaten, shot and poisoned. Thank heavens, say the writers, for rescuers who find these dogs and give them appropriate veterinary attention and find homes throughout Europe.

Last summer, the Trust approached these rescue groups to offer help. They asked if the Trust could help with Kiki, a sweet crossbred, who had managed to raise her three pups in difficult circumstances. They survived on scraps thrown out by locals until one day someone poisoned them with anti-freeze. All were rescued but one puppy did not survive and they were taken into temporary care. The Trust agreed to take them. Kiki and her two remaining pups, Leo and Lizzy, (now 10 months old) were loaded into a van along with others destined for placements in the UK. After a two-day journey, the weary travellers arrived. Having never been on leads they would not voluntarily walk to kennels and were carried to their new quarters. There was a quiet isolation kennel with a run attached so they could adjust to their new surroundings without fear of too much handling.

This new family was quite nervous and although settled in Hadlow Down for a few days, it took months to get them to a homing level. They have all now been adopted.

The Trust continues to take desperate dogs from Bulgaria as well as helping those on our own doorstep and further afield in the UK. For details contact the centre on 01825 830444 or email mail@kitwilsontrust.org.uk