Homes offer greater efficiencies

crawley property march 28
crawley property march 28

“The main thrust of the modern home is “efficiency with a responsibility for global concerns”, says Chief Buyer, Barry McKeough at developers, Hillreed Homes.

Hillreed Homes, builders of homes for over 35 years throughout Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire has always been at the forefront of building eco friendly, sustainable properties producing warm, easy to maintain homes with low heating bills. They have also preserved the need the build homes that are built in at traditional manner of bricks and mortar and with a constantly up-dated choice of new designs and layouts. The many benefits to buying a new home include:

l High Insulation to Loft and Cavity Walls

l UPVC Double Glazing

l Low Emission High Efficiency Boilers

l Low Flush Toilets

l Bespoke Designed Kitchen

l Energy Efficient Appliances

l Newly Decorated

l New bathroom with latest sanitary ware

l Lower Fuel and Energy Bills

l Lower Carbon Footprint

l Excellent Home Energy Ratings

l Sustainable Building Materials

l 2 Year Customer Care Warranty

l 10 Year Guarantee

The Energy Saving Trust, a body created by the Government to publicise domestic fuel efficiency, says an average home can save hundreds of pounds annually by adopting certain measures including:-

Extra Loft Insulation - typically saves around £110 pa

Solid external walls - insulating from the inside will save around £300 pa

Double glazing throughout can save around £100 annually and cut condensation and noise.

However, if you buy a brand new home many of these savings come as standard.

Barry McKeough continues, “The modern home has highly efficient windows which are draught free and have special energy sensitive glazing.

The external walls and roofs are insulated to a very high standard and minimize heat loss within the home.

Modern boilers operate at above 90% efficiency and along with the enhanced insulation, substantially reduce running costs.

In connection with this, some properties are now having Solar Photovoltaic panels fitted, which converts the energy of sunlight directly into electricity. This in turn will operate electrical appliances and lighting. This technology is supported by beneficial tariffs and the ability to ‘export’ surplus energy generated to a utility company through the national grid connection.

You will find that modern properties install low energy lighting and are now moving further to incorporate LED lighting with their extended life lamps.

You will also find that all kitchen appliances installed by the builder will have high efficiency energy ratings.

In addition, we, here at Hillreed Homes, are concerned about water usage and modern taps and showers operate efficiently on a reduced water flow and toilets providing an adequate flush using considerably less water than previous designs.

In conclusion, the new home is much cheaper to ‘run’ and through greater efficiency is making a positive contribution to a ‘greener’ environment.

So, if you are thinking of looking to move this year why not seriously consider a brand new property?

Concluded Jo Richards, Marketing and Corporate Manager at Hillreed Homes, “In these difficult times, it is good to save money on running costs whilst enjoying a beautifully created, warm and welcoming home with the added benefit of a NHBC 10 year Guarantee.“

Hillreed Homes currently has a wide range of homes across the South East. For a full list of current and “coming soon” sites refer to