Homes wanted for chickens destined for slaughter

A rehoming event is coming up soon to save thousands of hens destined for slaughter.

Tuesday, 4th September 2018, 12:06 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th September 2018, 3:17 pm
Rescue chickens saved by Fresh Start For Hens

Hosted by the non-profit organisation Fresh Start For Hens (FSFH), the event is taking place on October 6 in Hailsham.

It is the only place in East Sussex which will be a collection point for the animals, after the FSFH agreed to save 8,000 of them and is looking for homes across the country.

Local volunteer Susan Archer said, “They have still got so much life left to live. They can make absolutely fantastic pets.

A poster by FSFH

“We have rehomed into schools, nursing homes, and people’s back gardens. They love pottering around.”

Susan, who has 47 chickens which she keeps in her back garden, said, “They are used to people, they are such friendly little creatures, they recognise you and come running to meet you.”

At 72-weeks-old hens are considered ‘commercially unviable’ and – whether they are free range, barn hens, or battery – are sent to slaughter.

Volunteers from FSFH with happy chickens

Fresh Start for Hens buys the birds from British farmers at the same price which would be paid for their meat, and finds loving homes for them.

Anyone interested can get in touch with the organisation, and is asked to provide proof there will be a secure area for the animals.

To reserve hens, email [email protected] and include the following: preferred collection point; name; address; phone numbers; number of hens required.

Also include photos of your coop, run, and free range area. FSFH asks for a donation of £2.50 per hen.

To find out more visit Hailsham Fresh Start For Hens on Facebook, or visit the website