Hoping to ‘chip’ to victory in the ashes

Hi kids. I’M very excited this week because my uncle has promised to teach me all about cricket!

As some of you might know, the Ashes starts today.

Now I don’t know nearly as much about cricket as I do about football, but my uncle Boney the border collie is going to talk me through all the rules.

He’s been telling me there are five matches – which go all the way through to January.

The teams can draw, win or lose any match so the final score could be anything from 0-0 to 5-0 to England (that’s what Boney would like to see).

Because England already have the ashes we only have to draw overall to keep them, I think it’s a bit like finders keepers.

Phew, that all sounds pretty confusing but I’m sure it will all become clear.

I’m really hoping England win the first match because my friend Kevin the kangaroo is coming over to watch it.

He supports Australia and I’m obviously supporting England so it should be interesting. Apart from the cricket, I’m not enjoying the cold weather this week, I heard some people even had snow.

I like it when it snows properly and you can make snowballs but not when it goes all slushy and grey.

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Have a great week Chipsters and make sure you have fun whatever you are up to!

Chip, chip for now!

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