Horam charity’s research drive

A Horam charity was one of 150 patients, carers, scientists and clinicians from across the UK who went to Speaker’s House on March 4 for the launch of a ground-breaking new research programme.

Charlie’s Challenge raises money to finance urgently needed research into children’s brain tumours aiming to provide better treatments for sufferers and eventually find a cure. It was established in 1993 after Charlie Boutwood, then 20 months, was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour.

Charlie, his dad, Nigel, and trustee Philip Davies were invited to preview new collaborative partnerships set up by the charity Brain Tumour Research and three Research Centres of Excellence. The announcement will open a new chapter in long-term sustainable and continuous research into the biggest cancer killer of children and adults under 40 and paves the way for a £20 million investment in brain tumour research over the next five years.

Having had an emergency eight hour operation which was only able to remove three quarters of the tumour, he endured a testing year of intense chemotherapy followed by six weeks of radiotherapy with a general anaesthetic every day. Against the odds he made a remarkable recovery an lives life to the full.

Nigel said: “The news three new Centres of Excellence will enter a funding partnership with Brain Tumour Research ensuring research will be continuous and sustained is really welcome to all those families, including mine, impacted by brain tumours. For so long, this disease has been the ‘Cinderella cancer.’

“This planned investment brings fresh hope more effective treatments and ultimately a cure will be found... and soon.”