Horror as pet cat found dead and mutilated

Happier times ... Boo was found dead on Sunday and is believed to be the latest victim of a prolific killer
Happier times ... Boo was found dead on Sunday and is believed to be the latest victim of a prolific killer

The so-called M25 Cat Killer is believed to have struck for a second time in Uckfield.

The dead and mutilated body of pet Boo was found on a lawn in Nevill Road, on the Manor Park Estate, on Sunday morning.

Her death bore all the hallmarks of the individual also known as the Croydon Cat Killer.

Boo’s owner, Gill Evans, said: “We are saddened that there is someone out there capable of terribly mutilating such a beautiful, harmless creature and then leaving her for us to find.”

A vet confirmed the death on Sunday, June 17, as “human related”.

Gill said: “Nothing out of the ordinary happened the night before.

“Boo spent time on my lap and we went to bed leaving her eating in the kitchen.”

She had a cat flap and was able to go out during the night.

Boudicca Rising, from South Norwood Animal Rescue and Liberty (SNARL), said: “We attended this incident and can confirm that we believe it is linked to the series of animal killings which are being investigated by Sussex and the Met Police under Operation Takahe.”

She said “it bears the markers for the killer that are not in the public domain”.

Gill, of Nevill Road, found three-year-old Boo’s body lying on the lawn at around 10am on Sunday.

She said: “There have been suggestions that she was a victim of foxes, but it is certain this is not the case.”

It is not the first time the killer has hit Uckfield. In November last year Elaine Smith found the body of her cat Massive laid on the lawn of her home in The Mount.

Elaine said on Monday: “We are devastated this has happened again in our town and all our thoughts are with the recent owners. It’s such a harrowing experience to go through. The place that should be safe, your home, is invaded by a terrible person and we certainly felt violated by this.”

SNARL has been investigating attacks on more than 300 animals, in conjunction with the police, since 2016.

Operation Tahake was launched by the Met Police in December 2015 to catch the attacker.

If you see anyone harming an animal dial 999, quoting Operation Takahe.

If you find the mutilated body of a cat, call SNARL on 0796 103 0064.