Horsham pupils taught how to upcycle by children's author

Pauline EmsleyPauline Emsley
Pauline Emsley
A children's author visited a Horsham school to teach pupils about the environment.

At the visit to William Penn school Pauline Emsley also shared her beautifully illustrated book, Rag Doll Lost, with all the children in assembly.

The school said they were captivated as she read the tale of Georgie and her wayward rag doll that gets left behind.

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Elizabeth, year four, said: “I really liked all the onomatopoeic language she’d used like bang and creak.”

Pauline’s passion is upcycling.

She went on to teach the children how to upcycle a pair of old tights that no longer fit, turning them into a rucksack to carry a doll or teddy.

Ethan, year four, said: “I liked the up-cycling ideas as you don’t have to just chuck something in the bin. You can reuse it.”

Pauline also played a game to see which animals the children had spotted in her story.

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Joe from year three added: “When something happened in the book, she [the author] had real expression.”

For Emma, she enjoyed meeting the writer.

She added “I’ve never seen a real author before. It was really exciting.”