How to spend a share of £40,000 in Lewes

Lewes news
Lewes news

Lewes District Council is launching a series of events to explain how local communities can spend their share of £40,000 from the Zero Heroes campaign, which aims to encourage people to recycle, reuse and reduce household waste.

How to spend it events will take place around the Lewes District, with the next one taking place in Seahaven area, at the Hillcrest Centre in Newhaven on May 6.

The ‘How to spend it events’ form part of the Zero Heroes campaign in which residents can win a share of £40,000 for their community to put towards a local project.

The events are part of an open process for residents to have their say about which projects they would like the money spent on. The projects with the most votes will be funded from the Zero Heroes Community Competition prize fund.

Councillor Rob Blackman, Leader of Lewes District Council, said: “These events are part of our approach for encouraging residents to have their say about what they would like for their communities.

“We want people to take more control over their local communities by giving them the tools to make things work, including funding.

“Ideally, we’d like everyone to participate because we want to foster community action at a local level so people can find solutions that can improve their communities. Our role is to facilitate and support their ideas.”

Anthony Zacharzewski, chief executive of the Democratic Society, said: “This is about creating a new form of politics in which representative democracy plays a proper role and where citizens are at the heart of this process.”