How well do you know Lewes?

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LEWES is steeped in history with its magnificent castle, churches and period buildings.

We all walk past interesting sights each day and they become so commonplace we fail to notice the intricate details and beauty of what is around us.

Where are these tiles?

Where are these tiles?

From clocks and turrets to weather vanes and simple tiling given a craftsman’s eye from times gone by, there is so much to wonder at.

Sussex Express photographer Peter Cripps captured on camera some of those finer points that make the town so special.

Now we ask How Well Do You Know Lewes?

Have a look at the pictures in the video and see if you can identify the location.

When you are out and about have a closer look at the buildings around you and see if you can spot any of the details shown.

Use the commenting section below if you want to discuss where you think the buildings are.

If you’re still stuck, we will reveal the answers next week.