Hundreds more homes for coastal towns in East Sussex

aerial views
aerial views

A blueprint identifying areas where Lewes District Council would be prepared for housing to be built has been released for public consultation.

It deals with the areas outside the South Downs National Park and includes Newhaven, Seaford and Peacehaven, as well as some of the villages in the north of the district, but excludes Lewes.

Of the 1,450 homes the district council will need to build by 2030 to meet its targets, more than half look set to be built in Newhaven.

A total of 780 homes will need to be built in Newhaven, with just 220 for Peacehaven and Telscombe and 90 for Seaford.

Sites suggested include part of the Lewes Road Recreation Ground, with 62 homes proposed.

The larger sites in Newhaven suggested as suitable for housing in the district council’s blueprint, known as the local plan, include: The Old Shipyard, Robinson Road, 64; West Quay, Fort Road, 331; South of Valley Road, 85; Robinson Road Depot, Robinson Road, 80; Land at Tideway School, Harbour Heights, Meeching Quarry and west of Meeching Quarry, 400; Eastside land, 190, land at Railway Quay 200 and the Parker Pen site, 150.

Lead member for planning at Lewes District Council cllr Tom Jones said: “I would urge residents and businesses to take time to look at the topic papers and let us know what they think about the options being put forward.

“We want your comments so that we can develop site allocations for homes, businesses and infrastructure and produce planning policies that take into account the views of the people who live and work within the district.”

Lewes District Council is preparing a document to identify specific locations for development and new planning policies for the consideration of development proposals, which will be called Local Plan Part 2.

It said it wanted to find out what people thought about its ideas and if they were any other options residents wanted it to consider.

There are a total of five consultation papers which cover the themes of housing, gypsy and traveller accommodation needs, employment and infrastructure.

The consultation will run until January 17, 2014.

The district council said the South Downs National Park Authority was currently working on its own site allocations and planning policies within its area and these were anticipated to be published for consultation in early 2015.