Husband denies murdering his wife Sam Medland in Brighton

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A jilted husband joked with friends about committing murder/suicide just hours before he stabbed his wife to death in a busy street in Brighton, a court was told.

Ty Medland also posted a message on Facebook branding Samantha Medland a “cheating, lying, unloyal whore who destroyed everything I loved and believed in” moments before he killed her in a vicious attack and stabbed himself outside her workplace in Queen Square on February 17, jurors heard.

During cross-examination of Medland at Lewes Crown Court, prosecutor Richrd Barton said Medland’s 24-year-old wife had become irritated and exasperated with her estranged husband’s text messages asking to get back together and had told him that she was not interested in a reconciliation.

But Medland veered between begging his wife for another chance and posting messages on Facebook telling people he was single and looking for a partner who had “morals, was honest, faithful, committed and would not give up at the first sign of trouble”, the jury was told.

The court heard Medland, 26, left his mother’s home in Cavell Avenue, Peacehaven, to meet with Mrs Medland for a second time on February 17, to return the remainder of her belongings that he had failed to bring her earlier that day.

He had allegedly armed himself with four knives, three of which he carried up his sleeve and one in his belt, which Medland told the jury he was planning to use to kill himself.

But when Medland travelled to Brighton to see his wife earlier that day he had three knives hidden up his sleeve then, although he did not use them to harm himself because he felt there was a “spark of hope” for him and his wife.

Mr Barton told the jury that at 4.57pm, just four hours before he stabbed his wife, Medland sent a text to a friend that said: “I could make a joke about murder/suicide but that probably wouldn’t be funny unless I actually did it.”

He also asked the same friend to enter into a relationship with him just an hour before killing his wife, it is alleged.

The court heard that Medland sent a message to his friend Paul Connor which said his wife had pushed him to the edge and destroyed everything he believed in.

It allegedly went on: “The only thing I want right now is murder suicide.”

He added that at 7.56pm Medland sent Mr Connor another message which said he was going to become a stalker and ruin Mrs Medland’s life, before joking with his friend that he had posted intimate pictures and videos of himself and his wife having sex on the internet.

Mr Barton said Medland, whom he described as a petulant man who could not handle rejection, was heard shouting “just leave me to die with my wife” after stabbing her outside the Domestic and General offices where she worked.

Mr Barton said: “You were seeking revenge against her weren’t you?”

He went on: “You were crouched over your wife’s body like, as one witness said, a wild animal from a safari crouching over its prey.”

Medland has pleaded guilty to manslaughter but denies murder.

The court heard that Medland told a doctor, that when he told his wife he was going to kill himself, she had told him to do it, and that he had become angrier and stabbed her, it is alleged.

Mr Barton said: “The overwhelming preponderance of evidence is that you murdered your wife, didn’t you?”

“No, I did not murder her,” Medland said.

Prosecuting Nicholas Barton said: “We all have difficult times in our lives. We all from time-to-time suffer from bereavements. There are people who go through break ups of marriages when sadly it’s not their fault.

“There are people who suffer from moderate depression and take medication for it. But clearly not all those people end up stabbing their wives to death on the streets of Brighton. What’s different about you?”

Medland replied: “It was not one thing that happened, it was a multitude of things. I never intended to hurt her.”

The trial continues.