I had a window seat and could see the whole of Europe from above

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Hi kids. The summer holidays have properly kicked in!

Last week I said I was looking forward to going away with my family for the first time on a plane, that was great!

I had a window seat and could see the whole of Europe from above, I had a dog’s eye view!

I’m writing this postcard from Moscow in Russia!

Mum and Dad wanted us all to go see the Athletics Championships and cheer on the Mo-bot and the rest of Great Britain!

So far I’ve been helping all the athletes train. Yesterday me and Britain’s captain Christine Ohuruogu had a 400m race, she beat me but it was a close one!

Christine has had more practice than me, showing that practice really does make perfect!

After that I did the long jump with gold medallist Greg Rutherford we both jumped really far!

Yesterday was such a busy day so today I’ve taken the off with my family, we’ve been hanging around our hotel pool all day and just chilling out with team GB.

Whilst here we have seen all the sights and tried all the local food! We’ve seen the red square in the city and it’s full of amazing old buildings, you guys should check it out on the computer!

My favourite food I’ve tried here has been Pirozhki, which to me and you is a bun filled with all your faveorite foods and then baked!

I’m going to be watching the athletics all of next week, and so can you as it will all be on the TV and the internet!

Let me know what you are doing this summer and if you can, send me a picture!

Chip chip for now, and cheer cheer for Great Britain in the athletics!