GREETINGS: Another Bank Holiday this weekend. Do you remember when it used to be called Whitsun? Our Youth Club always had a ramble on Whit Monday. Ah, days gone by !! Whatever you call it, enjoy it !!

CHURCH SERVICES: There will be a service at 10.30 am on Sunday morning, for Pentecost. This is when those “tongues of fire “ descended upon the disciples, causing them to speak in many languages. The people around accused them of being drunk, but as it was only 9 am, this was repudiated.

So Pentecost is regarded as the birth of the church of Christians. This year it is the date of the launch of the Diocesan Strategy. This is a five year plan to re-vitalise the church and reach out to more people, especially young ones. To this end, there is to be a Pentecost Parade at Winchelsea. Starting at 3.30pm, there will be a workshop in Winchelsea Church for young people to make simple percussion instruments and small flags. A Tea Party will follow between 4 and 4.30 pm which will lead into Sing up. This is the sing-for-fun group which has begun.The Rector, Father Robin, will say a few words and then there will be a procession round the churchyard singing the songs just learnt and generally making merry. This will be a birthday party with a difference, great fun and EVERYONE will be very welcome.

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WEATHER: May is playing at catch-up, pretending to be April with rain alternating with sun. All the fault of that jet stream again, dragging cold winds down from the Arctic, giving us the chilly north-west winds which we have been experiencing. But when the sun does shine, it’s lovely and warm. I am good at watching my garden grow, and keep being asked where I have been on holiday. I tell the questioners about this lovely village, not far from the sea, where the air is clean and fresh and the people are friendly, in East Sussex, called Icklesham. My garden now has a tiny pond which would love to be the home of a few tadpoles. Has anyone got any to spare please? I have plants in, and no fishes. I’m hoping for a frog, a toad or newts to take up residence. I have still not heard a cuckoo, but on 13th May there was a May bug, or cock chafer, banging on my windowpane. And the first of my tea roses is flowering. The narcissi have barely finished!

ROTARY WALK: This takes place on Sunday 24th May. You can start walking at any time from 9 - 11 am, starting from Phillips and Stubbs offices in Rye. There is no charge to enter. Individuals and groups are invited to walk and obtain sponsorship for the nominated charities Rye Hospital and St. Michael’s Hospice, while retaining 50% of what they raise for their own charity or good cause. All walkers will receive a Completion Certificate. Trophies will be awarded to the TEAM with the most sponsorship and to individual walkers with the most sponsorship up to age 12, 13 - 17 and over 18s. This year the walk will go along the banks of the River Brede towards Camber Castle and to Castle Water with its wonderful bird life. From here you can return by a circular route back to Rye or, for the more energetic, continue through the Nature Reserve before returning.You can stop off for drinks and loos adjacent to the castle. All registered walkers are invited to a TREASURE HUNT and the opportunity to visit the courtyard of the Tudor Castle itself. A must for all Wolf Hall fans !

QUEEN’S HEAD: The live music this Sunday will be played by Porchlight Smoker, playing roots. If it turns out to be a lovely sunny afternoon, a little drink and music in the garden sounds good to me. Be there from 4 - 6 pm.

UDIMORE GARDEN SAFARI: Next Saturday afternoon, 30 May, seven beautiful gardens will be open in Udimore for the public to visit between 1.30 and 5.30 pm. This is the village’s first garden safari. You can collect tickets, £6 children free, at the Community Hall near the church. Tea, cakes and plants will be available there too. There will be more plants at Beauchamps. This is fund raising for St. Mary’s Church. It would be good to support our neighbouring village if you like looking at gardens.

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GOAL POSTS: Icklesham Parish Council has requested the removal of the goal posts from the Recreation ground during the summer. For users of these facilities of the Recreation Ground during summer evenings and summer holidays, please contact the Parish Clerk.

CRICKET @ ICKLESHAM: It is good to report that cricket is back at Icklesham. Rye 3rd team are using Icklesham as their home venue. Their first game against Gildredge 3rds ended in a draw. If anyone would like to play cricket, either colts or adults, please contact Martin Blincow [email protected] for more information. The next game is tomorrow - 23rd May against Ringmer 3rds starting at 1.30 pm.There is plenty of free parking on the ground and a Village shop opposite the top gate of the ground.

STUART’S MEMORIES: As many of you are new to Icklesham, may I take this opportunity to share my memories of our Memorial Village Hall with you. My first memory is of when I started school in 1959. The school was in the property that is now known as School House, approximately 50 metres from the hall.(On the corner of Workhouse Lane.) At lunch time we were escorted the short trip along the lane to the hall which is where we had our lunch. On wet days we used the facility for sport activities. At Christmas we used it for our Christmas parties. We were made aware of the Memorial which hangs on the wall, listing the fallen heroes of Icklesham of both World Wars. We as a country have recently celebrated the 70th Anniversary of VE Day. As the years have passed I have seen a kitchen added in 1980 which was supported by the Village and grants -- similar to what we as a Village are trying to achieve regarding the New Pavilion. In 2008/2009 major refurbishments were carried out on the building. This was made possible because of the hard work of some of the Trust Committee at the time who worked with the Parish Council. One major fact that we shouldn’t forget is that this project was made possible because of the generosity and encouragement of a local benefactor. The facility is now used by many of our Village organisations and thousands of pounds have been raised to support theirs and other causes. It concerns me that the asset is in need of small maintenance work, painting etc, to bring it back up to a good standard. But it seems as though refurbishment works on the old rundown pavilion will take priority. As no fundraising has been organised for pavilion refurbishment, it is fair to suggest that money raised at this year’s fete will be used to fund this project.

SCHOOL NEWS: The children on the School Council and the House of Lords have made suggestions that each class will design an item to extend the adventure trail and choose books which they would like in the classrooms. The Headteacher award this week goes to all the year 6 children and staff for the hard work during SATs week. The other awards go to James, Annie, Eve, Mei, Joseph, Lara, Amber, and Corbyn. Term 5 ends next week and the children and staff will be on holiday from 25th - 29th May, with an Inset Day on 1st June .Please remember to get in touch if you can help in any way at the Summer Fayre.


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It is with a great feeling of sadness and loss that we report the death of Nicky Harris. She was so inspirational in so many ways, and will be greatly missed. Our love and prayers go to Josie.

CONTACT: If you have any news items, reports or announcements which you would like to appear in the Village Voice, please ring me on 815 247 or pop round.

AND FINALLY: With a busy weekend ahead, lots to do and see, and an extra day to do it all in, all I can say is, have fun!

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