Improvements planned for Lewes Bus Station

Lewes bus station
Lewes bus station

A few months ago Lewes Town Council independent councillors Ruth O’Keeffe and Stephen Catlin, and now ex-councillor Matt Kent, ran a petition to improve facilities at Lewes Bus Station.

It fell on slightly deaf ears at District and East Sussex County Council levels, but the desire to do something remained.

And at last Thursday’s Town Council meeting Cllr Merlin Milner proposed spending should be made on providing replacement seating at the bus station – with the provision that the type chosen should be of a kind which could be re-used around the town if and when the bus station site is redeveloped.

His original proposal suggested the provision of litter bins as well, but Cllr Catlin pointed out that there were two in place already. The proposal was accepted and four new benches will eventually grace the bus station, firmly marked ‘Lewes Town Council’, and the comfort of future travellers was assured.

Accepting the challenge that the Town Council must encourage pride in the town, Thursday’s meeting also agreed to pick up the cost of providing the flower baskets in the Cliffe Precinct and on Cliffe Bridge, now that Lewes District Council has cut spending on this.

Cllr Catlin said: “The total cost is expected to be £3,100, made up as: £950 to stock with plants and hang, and maintenance costing £2,160 for the full season, which includes three watering sessions, weeding and dead-heading each week. It is another example of a town council being asked to pick up the pieces left behind by an uncaring higher authority.”