Improvements start on Sainsbury’s car park in Heathfield

THE OPENING of the new Sainsbury’s in Heathfield is a step closer with the start of car park improvement works which began last Tuesday.

Sainsbury’s is comprehensively refurbishing the former Budgens store to transform it into a new Sainsbury’s supermarket. As part of the scheme the firm is carrying out enhancements to the car parks at the back of the building.

These involve levelling and resurfacing, repainting white lines and creating a new pedestrian access ramp between the two car parks. The changes should make the car parks more user-friendly and create a nicer environment for shoppers. The work is being carried out in phases to minimise disruption. As part of the first phase a small area of the upper car park is closed until September 10. To complete the work the rest of the upper car park must be shut for six days from September 4 until September 9.

The upper car park will re-open on September 10 while the former Budgens car park will re-open once the new store opens in September.

During the closure Sainsbury’s advises people that alternative car parking is available at Mill Road (103 spaces) and Station Road West car park (46 spaces.)

Heathfield store manager, Marco Sarro said: “As part of our plans Sainsbury’s is committed to improving parking facilities at the back of the store. We understand that this may cause some disruption and would thank our neighbours for their patience whilst these works are underway.” Further details on the community information line on: 0845 6021151.