Informal bandstand given green light for Seaford seafront

Seaford. Martello Tower and Seaford Museum. Taken 31st Oct. 2012 E50181N
Seaford. Martello Tower and Seaford Museum. Taken 31st Oct. 2012 E50181N

An informal entertainment area proposed for the seafront was given the green light by Seaford Town Council at its meeting last week.

It is possible that the first event could be staged by summer next year.

The next step will be to set up a power supply, which will be sourced from Seaford Museum and to set up benches.

The informal bandstand would be set up on the seaward facing raised deck at the Martello Tower.

The idea was suggested by Seaford Community Partnership Seafront Theme Group.

Councillors supported the scheme at the community services meeting on Thursday September 26 at the Council Chamber in Church Street.

The Seafront Theme Group, which includes town and district councillors, ex councillors and members of the public, asked the town council to allow seafront memorial bench applications to be permitted as a way to pay for seating, which the council agreed.

It is anticipated the project would be very cheap - a power supply could be taken from the Martello Tower.

Plays, live music, recorded music and dance could be performed.

Peter White, who is a director of the community partnership and involved with Seaford Rock and Jazz Orchestra, said the council had run out of places to put donated benches and this could provide an alternative.

Peter said: “Inevitably these schemes, which require careful research, consultation, funding and possible licensing, take time.

“But this could be a low-cost but highly flexible project, giving an added attraction to the seafront.

“It is too far from housing to disturb anyone, and would enhance the seafront experience, bringing in more visitors, without the danger of commercialisation. And it will be fun!”

The idea of a seafront entertainment area originated when Seaford Head School Band, now Seaford Rock and Jazz Orchestra, toured abroad.

Everywhere it went it found even the smallest towns had an area with seats and power supply which local and visiting entertainers could book, set up and perform.

Bands, choirs, dancers and actors found that local audiences got used to the idea that that there would always be something on, and turned out in force, Peter explained.

It could be up and running by summer 2014 if all goes according to plan.

Anyone who would like to donate a bench to the project should contact Seaford Town Council on 01323 894870 to find out more.