Interservice boxing match organised by Newhaven firefighters for Troop Aid


An interservice boxing match, which is being organised by a group of Newhaven fire fighters, will raise money for the charity Troop Aid.

The event will see contestants from the fire service, police and army compete against each other at the swish Metropole Hotel in Brighton on Saturday May 18.

The firefighters decided to stage the event for Troop Aid after they heard how much the charity had helped former Corporal Ben Stoten, who was injured in Afghanistan, losing both his legs.

When injured troops return to the United Kingdom from war zones they arrive back without their personal effects or clothing.

Troop Aid supplies the basic essentials when service casualties return from overseas.

Ben Stoten said: “When you’re injured all your clothes are cut off you.

“All my belongings were in Afghanistan or England.

“You have got nothing so it’s nice to have some creature comforts.”

Main organiser and Newhaven fire fighter Greg Kurl said: “There was a similar event organised last year.

“It was a really good event. I’m one of those people who think you can always do things bigger and better.

“This year we decided to do it ourselves.

“I’ve become best friends with Ben since meeting him last year.

“Troop Aid present them with a carrier bag with all the essentials that you and I take for granted.

“It’s something that they need so we decided to have a go at organising a match ourselves.”

The event will begin at 6pm, finish around 2am and feature 15 interservice fights with three one minute rounds and a live band from Hove Fire Station’s Red Watch, plus a disco until 2am.

Standard tickets cost £20 and include a bacon, sausage or egg roll. VIP tickets cost £55 and include a three course meal, a glass of sparkling wine and half a bottle of wine.

They are hoping to raise between £18,000 and £20,000 for the charity.

Greg said: “That will buy quite a few carrier bags.

“It’s heroes fighting for heroes so come along and support your troops by donating your hard earned cash.

“It’s going to be a fun evening.”

Organisers are also appealing for companies to come forward and pay £200 to have their name advertised at the fight on six foot by two foot banners around the ring.

For more information visit or call Greg on 07511 187339.