Iraqi dissident at Open Mic event

IRAQI dissident poet Waleed Al-Bazoon, who is currently on a PhD scholarship for refugee academics, will read from his new collection The War on Idigna at this month’s Open Mic Poetry event at the New Park Centre, Chichester.

Waleed’s poetry, which is written in English, focuses on the war on terror and its effects on Iraq, “a place where”, he says, “bombings visit every street”.

Waleed, who joined the University of Chichester in 2009, is researching literary responses to 9/11 for his doctorate thesis. Born in Basra, he took his MA degree at Baghdad University before coming to England to complete his studies.

Barry Smith, the Open Mic spokesman, said: “We’re delighted to be featuring Waleed’s poetry this month. We like to encourage poetry on a wide range of subjects and in diverse styles, so this will give our audiences the chance to hear exciting new work from a different cultural perspective.

“In the second part of the evening, local poets will have the chance to share their own poetry with supportive listeners. Those who just enjoy the opportunity to hear the latest in contemporary poetry are equally welcome.”

l Open Mic Poetry, Wednesday, April 18, 7.45pm, the Studio, New Park Centre, Chichester. Tickets £3 on the door. Further info/contact: or tel. 07813244731.