Irresponsible dog owners targeted by Lewes District Council

A CAMPAIGN to tackle irresponsible dog owners has seen a series of awareness events take place across the Lewes district.

Lewes District Council (LDC) wants to ensure residents and visitors can enjoy communal green spaces and the Animal Control Officers at LDC have been working tirelessly across the area to target irresponsible dog owners.

A Responsible Dog Owners Awareness campaign will start on Monday October 8 at Telscombe Playing Fields.

The scheme is aimed at tackling irresponsible dog owners who do not clear up after their dogs. Officers will be on hand at different times of the day to offer advice and hand out dog pooh bags to owners.

Cllr Robbie Robertson said: “Getting into the habit of clearing up after your dog is part of responsible dog ownership and means that everyone can enjoy the green spaces available to us all.”

In compliance with The Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996, the law requires that dog mess be removed immediately by the person who is responsible for the dog at the time.

Failure to do this in any area that the law applies to is an offence with the maximum penalty being £1,000.