Is this 1992 April memo an 2012 April Fool?

editorial image

Could it really be – or is it an elaborate April Fool hoax?

In the bowels of the Sussex Express offices stands a door nobody uses anymore – and on that door is a ‘memo’* reminding members of staff to close windows before leaving the office at night, as two had apparently been left open the night previously. Only this memo is dated April 1st... 1992?!

Could it be that this memo is celebrating its 20th birthday today? If so, it surely must be the oldest memo still in operation (we presume the policy of the company is STILL to keep windows closed at night, so the diktat surely applies today as much as it did then?)?

We contacted the then editor, the man who issued the memo, Peter Lindsey, to tell him about his record-breaking communication, and he was so stunned he could only splutter the reply: “Love it... he heeeeeeeeeeee!”

But can it be true? Tell us what you think (avoiding the obvious jokes about it must be as everything else at the Sussex Express is 20 years out of date... cos it’s not funny – and not true! Except for the Rouser column, of course, where it is true).

Or if you do believe us, then perhaps you could perhaps contact us to arrange a field trip to pay a visit to our archaic artefact?

Have a look at the picture and tell us if you have anything in your office or home that’s been hanging, pinned or sellotaped up for as long – or even longer?!

Send an email to with your details and picture of said historical note, and we’ll share it with the rest of East Sussex!

*For our younger readers, a memo was something used by bosses to send a particular piece of information to members of staff – a paper version of the email, if you will. The word memo stood for memoramdum, which is a word that’s not used very ofen anymore. A bit like memos, then).