It’s a stitch-up at Waldron

Waldron WI
Waldron WI
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A DOZEN members of Waldron’s Women’s Institute had a stitch-up party last week to make yards of bunting for the village’s Big Jubilee Weekend from June 1 to 4.

With plans well-advanced for four days full of events in the village to celebrate the Queen’s 60th anniversary, bunting was an absolute must and the whole branch set about searching out red, white and blue material.

Old shirts, blouses, sheeting and curtains were cut into hundreds of triangles, then pinned on to 200 metres of sturdy binding.

Pamela Jarvis, a new member who volunteered to organise the stitch-up, suffered bravely with cutter’s shoulder and as more than one member pinned her fingers to the binding there may be the odd spot of blood to be seen on closer inspection of the bunting.

By the time all the triangles were stitched into place with four sewing machines going full blast over two afternoons, the village ended up with about 650 feet of bunting. President Sheila Wilcox said “It was a very cheerful gathering and with plenty of tea going down, the work was done in no time.

WI members are good at this kind of community thing!”

Valerie Chidson