It’s pedal power to France and back for Hailsham twinning group

Tour de Gournay
Tour de Gournay

Forget the Tour de France - enthusiastic cyclists took part in their very own cycling challenge when they biked from Hailsham to its twinned town Gournay en Bray.

The trip, Tour de Gournay, was organised by the Hailsham and District Twinning Association.

Around 17 cyclists, including one member as young as 13, made the journey to the French town in the space of one week, stopping to camp or stay at bed and breakfast accommodation, and then cycled back to Hailsham.

The trip incorporated a visit to the wartime V1 rocket site, and Forges Les Eaux.

Other members of the twinning association spent four days with the cyclists attending events including the St Clair Festival.

During the trip the cyclists met the new mayor of Gournay en Bray, Eric Pickard.

They also took part in the town’s Grand Parade where their bikes were decorated with English flags and bunting and English and French people alike dressed in England T-shirts. The parade consisted of visiting societies from many different countries.

Chairman, Keith Townsend, said: “The Tour de Gournay proved to be yet again, a well organised twinning event and was thoroughly enjoyed by all. Meeting and being welcomed by the new Gournay en Bray Mayor, Eric Pickard, was a particularly wonderful experience for our youngest twinning member.”

In September the Hailsham Choral Society will travel to the town to sing in its church.