It's National No Bra Day AND World Egg Day - who comes up with this stuff?

There's simply not enough days in the year.

No Bra Day and World Egg Day
No Bra Day and World Egg Day

Not the company motto of card manufacturer Hallmark, the but perhaps the cry of organisations trying to raise awareness of worthwhile causes.

For example, today is National No Bra Day - not, it seems, run by unreconstructed tabloid newspapers, but instead part of Breast Cancer Awareness month - the intention being to raise awareness of the importance of screening, recognising the symptoms of breast cancer and regular self-examinations.

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Indeed, such an important campaign surely deserves a total of 31 days - and today is part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which will also see next Friday - October 20 - celebrate the self-explanatory “Wear it Pink” Day.

But with so many organisations vying for media coverage - some charitable, some unashamedly commercial - it means that sharing of the precious 365 days of the year can be necessary. Indeed, September 15 was declared ‘4PM Finish Day’, ‘International Day of Democracy’, ‘National Cheese on Toast Day’ and ‘Crème de Menthe Day’, by a variety of institutions including the UN and Red Bull (we’ll leave you to guess which was which).

So the entirely worthy World Egg Day - yes, October 13 - may have to take a back seat, despite celebrating “the benefits of eggs and their important role in life”.

To be fair, eggs have had their fair share of coverage following the recent lifting of restrictions on eating runny eggs, almost 30 years since Edwina Currie’s remarks about salmonella led to the decimation of the UK’s egg industry and the slaughter of 4 million hens.

But for anyone doubting the veracity of these curious additions to our calendars, good news: it’s also International Skeptics Day. Well, either today, or on January 13th. Or maybe the first Friday in January. Appropriately, no-one seems to be quite sure.