It’s under global capitalism that around a billion people are still severely undernourished

The idea that supporters of Extinction Rebellion want us to return to Medieval times is nonsense.

Saturday, 16th November 2019, 2:15 pm

In extolling the virtues of Chinese capitalism from Dixon (Sussex Express, October 25) ignores the fact that under global capitalism around a billion people in the world are still severely undernourished (although more than enough food is produced to feed everyone).

It is also completely oblivious to the social and ecological costs of industrial farming in China and the fact that Chinese capitalism continues to uphold Mao’s “war against nature” and is supported by an authoritarian state that is now plundering the earth in search of resources in rather neo-colonial fashion.

Be assured, Fran, people in China will not be protesting against the ecological crisis, whether in their own country or with respect to the Earth’s ecosystem. Their state does not tolerate “dissidents!”

Brian Morris,