Jail for man caught with ‘one of the most disturbing’ indecent images judge had seen

A man was jailed for two and a half years after he was caught with indecent images including ‘absolutely horrific’ child pornography.

Graham Pullen. Photo courtesy of Sussex Police
Graham Pullen. Photo courtesy of Sussex Police

Graham Pullen, 43, of Guildford Road, Horsham, formerly of Pulborough, had pleaded guilty to ten counts of downloading indecent images, one of possessing extreme pornography, and one of possessing prohibited images.

On Thursday, Lewes Crown Court heard that Pullen was jailed for a year and given a ten year monitoring order for similar offences in 2004.

The new offences came to light after public protection officers paid a random visit to his home in May last year.

They asked to see his computer, and he admitted that he had adult and child pornography. Officers seized the computer and 50 data CDs.

Most of the images involved 11 to 14 year olds, but one video showed a child thought to be 18 months to two years old.

Pullen told police he had stayed away from illegal material until he began to have relationship trouble in January 2012. Mr Leete, representing him in court, said: “He was fully co-operative - he led police to the computer and said there were obscene and pornographic images on the computer.”

He also said his client had found the images on free websites rather than paying for them and thereby financing the production of more.

Sentencing, Judge Guy Anthony told Pullen some of the photographs had been ‘absolutely horrific’. “There’s a significant, indeed a large number of Level Four and Five images [the most serious kind] but also, in particular, a Level Three image that although it may be lower level is one of the most disturbing images I’ve had the displeasure of viewing.”

He said the picture showed a young child, estimated to be three or four years old ‘in obvious distress’.

“It’s not you who was responsible for putting those children through that sort of ordeal, but it’s people like you, who view them, that create the market.”

When he is released from prison, Pullen will be given a lifelong sex offences prevention order, and will have to register his home address with the police.