James chooses an exciting way to celebrate his 40th!

James Edwards post race
James Edwards post race

Most of us on our 40th birthday choose to spend the day relaxing with friends and family, kicking back and maybe enjoying a meal out somewhere... not Hailsham’s James Edwards.

James decided to go Banger racing at Arlington on Wednesday evening. He didn’t just go Banger racing, but also mixed it with the big boys in the National Bangers class in their ‘All Volvo’ event.

Decked out in a splendid livery of blue and orange by car provider ‘Cecil’s Rent a Rookie’ based in Hailsham, James’ 740 Volvo estate was even adorned with the number 40 reflecting his milestone.

The evening started with a great deal of excitement, as James bade a farewell to his gathered friends and family and left for the pits. There he was met by Steve Anscombe, owner of ‘Cecil’s’ who provides such cars to the film and TV industry, as well as members of the public.

Once he had received his safety briefing, and was kitted out in his fireproof suit, eager to get going, James climbed aboard his trusty charge for the evening.

Out amongst the regular drivers, he tussled in between the carnage of the other Volvos. Just as he began to enjoy himself, he was struck fiercely from behind and ran into the safety wall.

Back in the safety of the pits, James said: “Wow that was amazing!” When asked what had happened he said: “Someone just hit me! It’s OK though, I got his name for insurance purposes! Borrowing a car gives you an experience of racing before you fully commit to the sport. I had a great time and would like to thank Steve and the boys for a night I shall never forget.”