Jeremy Corbyn should '˜stop digging' over the '˜stupid woman' controversy, says hard of hearing Sussex MP

A hard of hearing Sussex MP has advised Jeremy Corbyn to '˜stop digging' after he was accused of calling Theresa May a '˜stupid woman' under his breath.

The Labour leader has come under fire for allegedly muttering ‘stupid woman’ about the Prime Minster during PMQs yesterday (December 19).

Though Mr Corbyn denies saying it – instead claiming to have said ‘stupid people’ – Eastbourne’s MP says after 50 years of lipreading Mr Corbyn’s outburst was ‘pretty clear’ to him.

Stephen Lloyd said in his column for the Eastbourne Herald, “Speaking as someone who has been hard of hearing for over 50 years and really does need to lipread on a daily basis, when I looked at the recording I thought it was pretty clear. Go online and judge for yourself.”

Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of calling Theresa May a 'stupid woman' - still from Sky News

The MP said it was because of Mr Corbyn’s flat denial the story has ‘exploded’.

He went on, “For what it’s worth, if I’d been advising him, I’d ignore the fact that some Tory MPs are obviously overdoing their indignation for partisan reasons (what some of them have called the PM is infinitely worse), it wasn’t a good look for the Opposition Leader.

“I am reminded of Denis Healey’s first law of politics – when you’re in a hole, stop digging!

“He should have taken it on the chin and apologised sharpish, then Parliament could move onto other slightly weightier issues facing our nation at the minute. Just a thought.”

Stephen Lloyd in the House of Commons

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