Jobcentres and benefits in sights of Eastbourne author

Graham_at_York_House SUS-141108-121753001
Graham_at_York_House SUS-141108-121753001

Eastbourne-based writer and entertainer Graham Kendall’s latest book has been released exclusively as an e-book.

Called It’s Too bloody Hot to Work, it’s a factual account of one man’s experiences on the frontline of Jobcentre and benefit offices in the South East.

Dealing with everyone from desperate and genuine jobseekers to out and out idle scroungers, the accounts are often hilarious, sometimes surprising and frustrating and occasionally controversial.

For instance, have you ever wondered just what the harassed person behind the desk at a Jobcentre really thinks of his clients? Or maybe how do some people manage to avoid work and remain on benefits for years and years? Many of your questions are answered here.

What of the Government’s response? Graham recounts how more than £50million was wasted on a computer system that was never going to work, how the most successful employment initiative ever devised was abandoned with no reasonable reason and how private companies made fortunes providing so-called training for unemployed people.

Some stories appear to be far-fetched but Graham Kendall assures readers they are all true. The book is available on Amazon Kindle at: £2.41.