Joggers save dappy ducks in danger on road

A FAMILY of ducks were saved from being squashed by cars on a road after some quick-thinking by two joggers.

The four ducks were waddling along Decoy Drive near Hampden Park at 7.15pm on Tuesday (May 22) when the drama unfolded.

Duck lover Jayne Bigsby, who leads Polegate Strollers walking group, was jogging with running partner Chris Downton, the director of the Children with Cancer Fund, a Polegate-based charity.

The duo were en route from Polegate down the Cuckoo Trail and into Hampden Park.

Three drakes and a mallard appeared as they came out towards Kings Drive. The ducks were trying to cross the road but were clearly panicking from cars zooming past.

Mrs Bigsby said: “One duck strode bravely across when an oncoming taxi was coming down quite fast. I put my hand up for him to stop as Chris and I were wearing high visibility jackets. He did so eventually and I got the duck back onto the pavement. 

“Then two of them escaped and another taxi came from the same firm.

“Again I had to stop the taxi and usher them back again.”

The running duo then thought the ducks were safe as there was a traffic break and they were herded across.

Mrs Bigsby said: “We hadn’t reached the middle when a man in a silver car just drove straight at them. 

“I waved frantically and eventually he stopped.

“He didn’t seem the least bit concerned that there was a duck under the front of his car. He was so determined to get to his destination. 

“I made him stop and thankfully the four ducks all made it to the grass verge and went through a gap in the bush into the safety of the park.”