Joy as Lewes station assault victim gets his hearing back

Jeff Alcock and his son Beau
Jeff Alcock and his son Beau

A man who was assaulted and knocked unconscious at Lewes Railway Station has got his hearing back thanks to a life-changing donation.

When he finally came to, Jeff Alcock, 46, was so heavily sedated he could not remember that his wife was pregnant.

He said: “I had no sense of taste or smell, and couldn’t hear. A week after my son was born, I was informed by a healthcare professional that I wouldn’t be able to be in the house alone with him, as I wouldn’t be able to smell smoke in the event of a fire, hear him cry, or smell if he needed changing.”

Now Jeff has been awarded a free pair of digital hearing aids from high street hearing specialist, Hidden Hearing.

The award is part of Hidden Hearing’s support for the National Campaign for Better Hearing, to help raise awareness of the importance of annual hearing tests.

He said: “Being fitted with my hearing aids was really emotional – I could hear my wife properly again and, for the first time ever, my baby. I was very tearful, it was such an amazing experience.”

Jeff’s hearing loss was caused by an unprovoked assault by a then colleague, which occurred after a work function in Lewes last year.

He said: “I was punched and fell to the floor banging the back of my head. My attacker then kicked me in the front of my head. When I woke up, I found myself in a hospital bed, apparently after having spent three days in a coma and with two skull fractures. I then spent four days in the Critical Care Unit.”

Prior to having his hearing aids fitted, mortgage/ financial consultant Jeff, from St Leonards, struggled with every area of life that involved communication.

A day after his son Beau’s birth, he missed a crucial phone call informing him his baby had been transferred to the Special Care Unit with some complications. He said: “I missed out on being there for my wife Lauren and baby at such a difficult time. My neighbour finally managed to wake me, and I made it to the hospital early the next morning, but it was one of hardest moments I’ve ever had to deal with.”