Judgement on West Beach battle expected in New Year

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A judgement on the battle of turning Newhaven West Beach into a village green will be given in the New Year.

The drama was playing out in the Supreme Court in London this week between Newhaven Port and Properties and Newhaven Town Council.

The owners of the beach, Newhaven Port and Properties were appealing against the decision in 2013 by the Court of Appeal that the beach could be registered as a village green.

Five justices - Lord Neuberger, Lady Hale, Lord Sumption, Lord Carnwath and Lord Hodge – spent two days listening to arguments both for and against registration of the beach.

They will now go away and consider what they have heard before writing their judgements.

Mayor of Newhaven Judith Ost said: “We know how passionately the people of Newhaven feel about the beach and how much they want to see it reopened.

“The issues surrounding this have now been considered by the highest court in the land and we hope very much that the judgement will be in our favour.

“If we win, the town council looks forward to working with the Port Authority to get the beach opened as soon as possible in a way that is safe for the public.

“If we lose, we will continue to try and work with the Port Authority in a co-operative way to get the beach open, as we always have.”

The judgement is expected to be received in the New Year.