Judicial reviews into skateboard planning bids are refused

Two claims for judicial reviews served by a resident against a Steyning Parish Council application have been refused by the court this week.

Designs submitted by Steyning Parish Council
Designs submitted by Steyning Parish Council

The parish council released a statement on Tuesday, August 6, explaining that the claimant, Paul Campbell, served the judicial reviews ‘in relation to its planning application for a skateboard facility on the Memorial Playing Fields’.

The statement said: “Steyning Parish Council has recently been served with two claims for judicial review in relation to its planning application submitted to Horsham District Council for a skateboard facility on the Memorial Playing Fields, to which Steyning Parish Council filed a robust Grounds of Defence in response. The parish has now been notified that on considering the papers the court has refused permission in respect of both claims for judicial review. However, the parish understands that the claimant has made a request for the decision to be reconsidered at a hearing. A court date is awaited.”

Mr Campbell confirmed that he has requested for the judicial reviews to be reconsidered. He said: “The judge has made only a preliminary finding, based on the paperwork lodged at the court. As is usual in judicial review cases, the matter will now be reconsidered at an oral hearing when advocates will be able to draw the judge’s attention to all the relevant documentation and surrounding facts.” He added: “The proposed concrete skatepark, now with a car parking area next to it at the top end of the MPF Village Green, is completely incompatible with these National Park purposes. This is one reason why the rival scheme at the Leisure Centre car park is so attractive - there are no National Park constraints.”