Judy’s stitch in time for George’s big day

Hassocks seamstress Judy Tilbury is offering to make a birth sampler for any Mid Sussex baby born on Prince George’s birthday.
Judy Tilbury has made a royal birth samplerJudy Tilbury has made a royal birth sampler
Judy Tilbury has made a royal birth sampler

Judy has just completed a Beatrix Potter sampler for the royal baby after making a ring cushion for William and Kate when they married two years ago.

On that occasion, Judy received a royal thank-you letter through the post.

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“I think William and Kate are such a lovely couple and I was so excited when the baby arrived,” said Judy, who is a huge fan of the royal family.

“I made the sampler before the birth but I added George’s name, the time and date of his birth and the weight once he arrived.

“I have seven grand-children of my own aged 15 to 24 and I really miss the baby stage but, at 73, I’m too old to be broody!”

Judy, who lives in Farnham Close, has been sowing for more than fifty years, first as a seamstress and then as a soft-furnishings and curtain maker.

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Her sampler, which was posted to the royal couple last week, depicts six famous characters from the Beatrix Potter books and took many hours to complete.

Judy said: “I loved making it, so, if anyone had a baby on the same day, July 22, I would be happy to do a sampler for them.”

Judy can be contacted on 01273 843477.

Judy hit the headlines earlier this year when she swam the equivalent distance of the English Channel by powering up and down the pool at The Triangle Leisure Centre in Burgess Hill.

Judy raised more than £1,200 for the charity Headway, which helps people with acquired brain injuries.

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Sadly, Judy’s husband Roy died of a brain tumour three years ago and their son, Mathew, died when he tried to break-up a fight in Brighton in 1996 and was struck on the head by a baseball bat.

The money Judy raised from her swim went towards creating a quiet area with an arbor in the garden at Headway House in Newick.

The quiet area is called ‘Tilbury Time’ in honour of Judy’s fundraising achievements,

“I do miss Roy and Mathew terribly,” said Judy.

“Swimming and sowing have kept me going.

She added:“My daughter says I live by the three S’s - swimming, sowing and sanity!”