Katie, 10, captures picture of the Queen during her visit to Newhaven

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Ten-year-old Katie Sneddon sent us this fantastic picture of the Queen visiting her hometown of Newhaven.

Katie said the Queen’s visit was the highlight of her year and she was up bright and early to see Her Majesty.

Katie said: “Having the Queen come to my hometown whilst in half term was the highlight of my year.

“I got up so early this morning that my mum and dad weren’t even awake.

“Then with my younger brother and sister we went to meet my friend and braved the wind and rain to wait for the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh.

“I was lucky enough to get near the front to get some great photos of the Queen. Me and my friend Holly had a great opportunity and were honoured to pass some flowers to the Queen once she came out of the fish shop and to the crowd.”