Kayaker rescued by Eastbourne lifeboat

Eastbourne lifeboat SUS-140723-101452001
Eastbourne lifeboat SUS-140723-101452001

A kayaker who had fallen out at sea was found clinging to his craft and struggling to stay afloat by Eastbourne inshore lifeboat.

Dover Coastguard was first alerted to the drama by members of the public on the shoreline who saw the man fall out of his kayak whilst fishing off Langney Point and was having difficulty trying to climb back aboard.

Eastbourne ILB was urgently launched to assist. When the volunteer lifeboat crew arrived on scene they found the kayaker in an exhausted state wrapped up in his own fishing gear and not wearing buoyancy aids.

His waterproof clothing had filled with water and was threatening to drag him under. He and his craft were collected and taken ashore where he was offered safety advice regarding the perils of putting to sea with unsuitable equipment.

Earlier in the weekend the ILB had launched to two incidents, the first when anxious parents thought their son was having difficulties whilst swimming in Pevensey Bay.

Before the ILB had arrived on scene the boy had managed to swim ashore unaided. The second launch was to a dinghy reported to have ‘sunk’ in a sudden squall.

When on scene it was evident the dinghy had been knocked down in the squall but the crew had managed to re-right their vessel and drop the sails as a precaution. This call-out was listed as a false alarm with good intent.

The all weather lifeboat was also in action when they were launched to assist a 44ft yacht with three people on board which had suffered engine failure off Beachy Head.

Being unable to sail against wind and tide the yacht was taken under tow to Sovereign Harbour where it was passed to the marina workboat.