Keep supporting Fairtrade

Bexhill's Fairtrade campaigners are appealing to all those who sell or use Fairtrade products to renew their resolve to do so.

This means individuals as well as all local organisations and traders who have been supporting the campaign which helped Bexhill achieve its Fairtrade Town status.

Committee spokesman Jack Doherty said: "So many supporting organisations like churches and schools, retailers and shops signed up to help us apply.

"But now as we approach our third anniversary of receiving Fairtrade status for the town, we need to reapply and let the Fairtrade Foundation know all about the progress we have made since then. We need you all to let us know if you support this world changing campaign."

The Committee is contacting previous holders of Fairtrade Pledge Certificates but need to hear if other groups, shops, workplace or outlets are using Fairtrade branded products and want to be acknowledged.

Jack commented: "Let us know if you are using Fairtrade approved products - with the Fairtrade logo - because if you support the aims of Fairtrade, you can help us retain our status, and be awarded a Fairtrade Pledge Certificate.

"We need more large and small businesses in our Fairtrade Town to be using Fairtrade tea and coffee during their breaks to complete our application sections. We're hoping for a planned launch and presentation event in the autumn. More important, the poor in developing countries are suffering most in these harsh economic times, and need you to use their products to live and feed their children.

"So Bexhill - please change to Fairtrade today."

This information is needed by the end of August so contact Jack Doherty tel 01424 214605 or email: [email protected]

OR Philipa Coughlan [email protected]