Ker-pow! Batman a sell-out success

Lewes Junior Film Club launched its 2013 programme with a record number of guests for an event centred on the 1966 film Batman, writes Emma Yeomans.

Based on the popular television series, it was the first feature film to be made drawing on the Batman comics for inspiration.

The All Saints Centre was packed with young and old dressed as superheroes and villains, whilst comic book sound effect phrases such as ‘bang’ and ‘whizz’ hung silently but attractively from the balcony.

Year 7 students from Priory School’s drama club put on an impressive live performance, acting out the history of superhero films. Led by Mr Buckley, they performed scenes, both real and original, from Superman, Spiderman, The Avengers and Batman.

Anna Readman showed part of her collection of Batman memorabilia – she has been a Batman fan since the age of five.

Lucky guests walked out with the latest Batman film poster and comic exclamations used for the event.

Always innovative and daring, the club made a huge cake for guest birthday boy Theo. To everyone’s shock, after singing, a lit bomb came down from the balcony but then there was a dramatic appearance by Robin (Walter Hall) who jumped from the cake and rescued the event by running outside with the explosive matter.

He came back all black from the blast with his cape in tatters but smiled nevertheless, exclaiming: “Holy explosion!”

The next event will be on March 17, when the featured film will be Harriet the Spy, an American film set in a school.