Kier’s ‘compensation money’ to help fund vital town projects


After waste collection contractors Kier failed to perform to the standards demanded by Wealden District Council, the firm donated a ‘compensation package’ to the community.

This amounted to an initial sum of £110,000 spread across the District, to be shared among councillors.

Cllrs Dick Angel and Ray Cade (Heathfield) are allocating £1,300 of their amount to provide a defibrillator for Broad Oak and the remaining £1,276 to Heathfield Works, the town’s scheme aimed at getting youngsters into work or further education.

Cllr Angel said: “In this way we felt the money would benefit both the young and the older members of the community (although young people are not completely immune to sudden cardiac arrest).” Cllr Jan Dunk, from Heathfield, is giving her allocation of £1,288 to Heathfield Works. After this initial allocation, Kier will give a further £30,000 in each of the next three years to add to the Community Grants Pot.