Kind new home wanted for starving cat

A STARVING PERSIAN CAT with suspected alopecia is being nursed back to health by staff at Cats Protection’s National Adoption Centre at Chelwood Gate after being found at the side of a road.

Twelve-year-old William was severely underweight and in an appalling condition when he was spotted struggling to find shelter from rain in Western Road, Haywards Heath.

As a pedigree Persian, William’s fur should be thick, long and luxurious but suspected alopecia and life on the streets has taken its toll and he has barely any left.

He is now receiving expert care at Cats Protection’s National Cat Adoption Centre and will be looking for a new home once he has fully recovered.

Tania Marsh, deputy manager of the Centre said: “We really don’t know what happened to William – possibly he could have been dumped

“He was in a very poor state and wouldn’t have survived for much longer had he not been found and handed in to us. He is as skinny as a rake, totally exhausted and was obviously very cold as he struggled to shelter from the rain without most of his fur. We haven’t been able to establish exactly what has caused his hair loss, but as it’s not been cut or shaved, we think it may be some form of alopecia.

“Despite everything he is a wonderful cat, very affectionate and loves the company of both people and other cats. He is very easy going and is obviously enjoying his first bit of comfort in quite some time. It’ll take a while before he will be fully recovered and ready for homing but when he is we’ll be looking for a special home for him where he can receive lots of attention and love. If his fur grows back he will have a long coat so it will be important he has an owner with time to groom him.”

If you would like to offer a home to William please contact the National Cat Adoption Centre on 01825 741 330. The Centre is set in beautiful surroundings and if you are considering adopting a cat - not just William - they would love to hear from you. For visitors there’s a cafe and training facility where staff help teach children how to look after cats.