Kitten crisis averted at Raystede Animal Care in Ringmer

Kittens at Raystede have found a new home.
Kittens at Raystede have found a new home.

An animal charity in Ringmer which has been inundated with 60 kittens is urging people to get their cats neutered and spayed.

Raystede said if left unchecked one cat and its offspring could be responsible for the births of more than 20,000 cats in just five years.

Kittens at Raystede.

Kittens at Raystede.

Thankfully all these unwanted kittens have been found loving homes now, but the centre still needs your help to keep up the good work.

Raystede chief executive Nigel Mason said: “It is a daunting fact that if just one of these kittens and their offspring were left unneutered, it could be responsible for producing 20,600 descendents over five years.

“All cats and kittens that come to Raystede are spayed and neutered and I would ask all owners to make sure that theirs are too.”

Raystede said it was very hard to say what the cause of the unusual surge in kitten numbers was caused by.

But the charity said if all owners ensured their cats were spayed or neutered, it would make a huge difference.

Nigel said at one point the animal rescue centre was looking after more than 60 kittens, with some arriving at just a few days old.

He added: “We gave them round the clock care with the help of the cattery team and volunteers, many of them needed feeding every couple of hours, including through the night.

“I’m pleased to say that we have now found homes for all the kittens, but the day to day work at Raystede goes on.

“As Christmas approaches and on Christmas Day itself we will have over 1,500 animals in our care.”

With Christmas just around the corner, people may be thinking about buying a kitten or a puppy for someone as a present.

But Nigel had this to say: “The kittens at Raystede all look beautiful and it can be tempting to consider buying one, or perhaps a puppy as a Christmas gift.

“I would strongly urge people not to buy pets as Christmas presents. We see many young dogs and cats brought to Raystede in the months following the festive season, that were unplanned and sadly unwanted gifts.’

If anyone would like to help Raystede and meet the costs of caring for the animals, they can make a donation by calling 01825 840747 or online at

You can volunteer to foster animals or even adopt an animal yourself. The centre in The Broyle cares for cats, dogs, birds and smaller animals such as mice and rats.

The post festive season can see a huge spike in the number of unwanted pets delivered to animal charities such as Raystede in Ringmer.

People can be tempted to buy friends or family members pets, but if they don’t want them they end up being given to Raystede to look after.

The charity in has been running for 60 years and is free to visit almost every day of the year.

It relies entirely on voluntary donations.

Raystede was founded in 1952 by Miss M Raymonde-Hawkins MBE to prevent and relieve cruelty to animals.