Kitten shot twice in the head found at Ringmer

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A KITTEN with airgun bullets lodged in her skull is being looked after by an animal centre near Ringmer.

The kitten, about six weeks old and thought to be feral, was found near The Broyle, Ringmer, and taken to Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare.

She was very vocal and following the person who found her around.

He felt he couldn’t leave her there to fend for herself as there was no sign of her mother.

On arrival at Raystede, it wasn’t apparent that she had been shot as the bullets were so deeply embedded that they were not visible.

Due to her young age she was fostered by a member of Raystede staff.

The bullets became noticeable after a few days, probably because the body was rejecting them.

Tia, as she was named, was immediately taken to the local vet.

Initially it was thought there was only one bullet but on X-raying two bullets – one on top of the other.

The vet managed to successfully remove both bullets.

Luckily, because of her young age, her skull was still soft, which meant there was no actual damage to the bone.

Raystede chief executive Nigel Mason said: “This is wanton cruelty and torture.

“It is appalling moronic behaviour by complete cowards.

“I appeal to anyone who knows who did this to come forward and do the right thing by giving either ourselves or the police information so that a prosecution can be sought.”