Kitten tied up in bag and left at side of Uckfield road


A tiny black and white kitten has been found tied up in a black bin liner and left at the side of the road.

A woman from Uckfield was driving home after visiting her sister in Framfield. As she drove out of the village she saw a bin liner on one side of the road.

She noticed it was gradually making its own way into the middle of the highway but she said it didn’t look as if it was being blown. She stopped her car to investigate, confessing she was ‘pretty nervous’ as she realised at this point there was something alive in the tightly tied bag.

When she tore it open and found the kitten, she put it in her car and took it home to look after it overnight, despite having two dogs of her own.

She spoke to neighbours whom, she knew, had recently adopted cats from the local branch of Cats Protection, and they gave her some food for the ravenous kitten.

The following morning they telephoned Carol Gordon of Cats Protection. Carol said: “The kitten was in my foster care and stayled until we were able to rehome her.

“We estimate she is about eight weeks old and despite her poor start in life, she is very friendly and playful.

“All cats in our care are vet checked, microchipped, de-fleaed, wormed and have their first vaccination before they can be adopted.

“If they are old enough they are also neutered before leaving us. If a kitten is too young to be neutered (usually at around four months ) then the new owner is expected to have the cat neutered as soon as it is old enough and will sign our adoption paperwork to this effect.”

The charity offers neutering vouchers to those on a low income. All prospective adopters undergo an informal home visit, to check the right cat is placed in the right home and cat and adopters are happy.

Carol said: “When we first heard about this we said if the kitten is a girl she will be called Annie after the lady who found her. “She may have been abandoned due to the economic climate as black or black and white cats are harder to home as people prefer the ‘prettier’ colours of ginger, grey and white. Anyone in this situation should ring us: 01892 516377.”

Annie has been adopted by UckfieldFM presenter Mike Ziolek and his family and is settled into their Ridgewood home. He’ll be giving regular updates on her progress.