Knife amnesty: crackdown takes 182 weapons off streets


A crackdown on knife crime meant 13 weapons a day were taken off Hailsham’s streets during an amnesty.

Sussex Police received 182 bladed weapons during a knife amnesty aimed at educating people while taking weapons out of the hands of potential attackers.



Four Samurai swords and seven specialst weapons were among items left at the police station, or dropped into bins at council offices during the 14 day amnesty.

At one point the equivilent of a knife every minute was handed in to police officers at a stand in Bowley Road over a 20 minutes period.

Police officers also used metal detecting wands in the town centre to deter people from taking knives out.

Sergeant Howard Nevill said: “There will be a series of operations to target any individuals from information we have received through the campaign to reinforce the message that the police and this community do not want knives to be carried for use in crime.”

With the close of the amnesty on October 15 the focus will switch to encouraging young people to report anyone carrying or using knives through the Fearless project, run by anonymous phoneline Crimestoppers.

During the amnesty police officers gave talks at Hailsham Community College to encourage youngsters not to turn to violence to solve problems or risk getting involved with knives.

Wealden District Commander Chief Inspector Dick Coates said the amnesty had proved extremely productive.

He said: “We have used the last two weeks working alongside our partner agencies to deliver a strong message that we will not tolerate any knife crime in our towns. We have also been delivering education to pupils.”