Knitted figures star in mock video of Kate and William’s royal wedding

AN ANIMATOR from Telscombe created a truly bizarre video of the royal family partying at Kate and Will’s wedding - using knitted figures.

Alan Baker was asked to produce the video for Ivy Press in Lewes to promote its own royal wedding offering.

The company has published Knit Your Own Royal Wedding by Fiona Goble which tells you how to create the close knit family.

Alan tried to imagine what it would be like to watch the royals at a normal wedding, where the party does the conga led by the Queen and a corgi takes part in the ceremony.

The results are a darkly comic Postman Pat crossed with Eastenders - no doubt given time it’s going to be a hit on Youtube.

Hopefully for bride to be Kate Middleton, her wedding won’t resemble this one!

Alan, 59, who is a writer himself, said: “It was supposed to be funny and tacky.

“People spend vast amounts on weddings and there is always something tacky about them.

“The only wedding that is not going to be a tacky wedding is the royal wedding, so I thought I would erase that and make it tacky.”

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